Summer Band Practice

Okay, gang, school's out, and you know what that means, don't you?
Lots and lots of PRACTICE!!!
We need to do three things
1. Pick a new day of the week if necessary (or maybe two?)
2. Pick a new timeslot
3. Practice! Practice! Practice!

As far as new days of the weeks go, I'd very much like to see practices moved to the weekend. Because then I can get myself and Laura dropped off and picked up. But, strictly speaking, no day is bad.
Any thoughts?

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Okay so I guess tehre's no band practice tomorrow, on Monday.

But how's everyone for next Saturday?
I know it's Kendal's birthday party but if we get together at noon we'd be done for sure by three, so I don't see any major problem.


Okay, so the fact that battle of the bands is over means one thing and does not mean another.

It does NOT mean we can start taking practices off and letting our band fade into obscurity. We still need to practice once a week, every week.

It does however mean that we can start having a lot more fun during practices, trying new songs, experimenting, developing our own sounds.

On that note, I'd like everyone to learn these two songs:

The Rolling Stones - Paint It Black

Pink Floyd - Time

But just the basic outlines of them, as in what chords to use and that stuff, because I've got some bold new directions to go with them (well not so much paint if black because it's all been done before but I'm excited about Time)

And I know you don't like Time or Pink Floyd, AK, but don't worry. We'll be playing it a lot faster and more terminable than the original.
- Daniel
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Band practice Monday, yes?
Adam (Kahn), you good for this?
Is everyone good for this???
And does anyone know when BOTB IS?
And does anyone even read these?
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Band Practice

Band practice tomorrow?
Auditions are this coming week, and it looks like our setlist is going to be, in order:
Execution Commentary
I Want You
Smells Like Teen Spirit OR In Bloom(if we learn it)
Floyd The Barber

And if they only ask us to play a song or two for auditions, I think we'll go with Floyd The Barber and I Want You.

Therefore, band practice on Monday if it's happening will be a strict session of perfection and review.
And Barbecue Flavored Chips.

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Clearly, I haven't been thinking straight.
I've put competence ahead of rocking.
So I take back everything I said - no one is getting kicked out of the band if they continue to be incompetent.
It'll just be a while before we're good.
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Songs To Practice

Okay, gang, Battle Of The Bands is comin' up.
And so by the next practice I'd like you to have learned the following songs:
Nirvana - In Bloom
Tabs - Bass Tabs
The Rolling Stones - Paint It Black
Bass Tabs

In addition to Floyd The Barber, Smells Like Teen Spirit and I Want You.
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